Total Body Fitness


Doing personal training requires some various exercises that are meant to improve our body parts in different ways. A complete fitness program should concentrate on improving strength, endurance and mobility skills. In some cases, you may need to emphasize on a particular area according to the objectives you wish to achieve.  These areas of training may depend on each other hence you cannot avoid one if you wish to accomplish another area successfully.  Marathon runner cannot focus on endurance training without looking at both mobility and strength training.  Oxygen is a gas that helps the body get rid of lactic acid in the vigorously working muscles.  The lungs have oxygen that combines with components in the blood to be delivered to all muscular and other body tissues.  Endurance training also increases the productivity of the heart as it makes it enlarge its muscles which become stronger in the process.  Adipose tissues can also provide energy after metabolism that is aided by oxygen.  If you continue with this form of training, the heart grows much stronger leading to increased levels of endurance for sustained periods of vigorous activity.

People who lift weights usually want to improve their strength.  Lifting weights is the most common way of increasing your strength.  Most weightlifters desire to have big muscles that are developed over time as you continue lifting weights.  Weight lifting from Napa Valley fitness center is regarded as a perfect form of exercise because it can be aerobic or anaerobic.  Repeated lifting of lighter weights helps to improve endurance.  Heavy weights become crucial in strength building.  Out of strength training, you learn to adopt good postures as well as avoiding injuries.  Through strength training, your metabolic rate is increased as well as muscle to fat ratio.  Muscles require to be supplied with energy and protein to increase in size.  It is true to say that the stronger your body gets, the easier it becomes to fight off injuries in your body as you grow old.  Strong people have dense bone tissues hence they cannot easily break their bones.

It is good to start with light training every time you are working out.  Due to intense to intense training the heart pumps a lot of blood at a faster rate, which may prove dangerous to those with heart conditions.  If you are not sure of your medical health status, you should not hesitate consulting your doctor before any training regime is started.  Improving mobility rate as you train is important for muscles.  Stretching allows one to maintain full mobility and accelerates recuperation from injuries.  Before stretching it is always advisable to have a minimum of 10-15 minutes of warming up.  Muscles become more flexible after warming up or down.  Yoga has been found out to increase flexibility, develop strength, posture balance and bring about inner balance and calmness all in a bid to improve mental fitness and physical fitness.  We should enroll for some form of Napa Valley total body fitness training for a healthy lifestyle.


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